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Here an exception from the accessories program available from Atari Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to present a complete list, because especially from third-party manufacturers there's an unbelievable big number of accessories available.

Paddle CX30
Atari Paddle Controllers (CX30)
Paddle Controllers where well known even before the VCS was published. There were already available when the VCS was released. Especially the early VCS games (like Circus Atari or Super Breakout) supported these input devices.

Joystick CX40
The genuine Atari CX 40 "Standard Joystick Controller" !!!
The mother of all joysticks. Forget all the others !!
(In fact you can say that Atari is the inventor of the joystick: The CX40 was the first joystick at all) It was shipped with the "old" Atari VCS and was available 1977 when it was first released. The VCS 2600 jr. wasn't shipped anymore with the CX40 but with its successor.

Atari Driving Controller
The Atari Driving Controller.
It looks like the Atari Paddle Controller, but there are two differences.

  • The "wheel" can be moved without being stopped at the limits of both directions
  • The sticker is labelled Driving instead of Paddle

Joystick CX24
The "Multi System Deluxe Joystick Controller CX24"
Hey.. the old one was much better, wasn't it?

Joypad CX78
The "Joypad Controller CX78"

Video Touch Pad
The Video Touch Pad
Since some years after the release of the VCS other video game machines were equiped with keys on the controllers Atari had to release something equivalent. Thats why they invented this Video Touch Pad. Games supprting this device were shipped with a "key-layout" you cuold attach on the Video Touch Pad, so you could easily see which key corresponds to which function in the game.

The lightgun XG-1. On the boxes you could see a red lightgun, but it was only available in grey.

Switch Box
The Switch Box CX262.
You can connect your VCS and the antenna cable to this box and then switch between both input devices.
Like this it's not necessary anymore to change the cables everytime you want to watch TV / play VCS.

AC/DC adapter
The replacement AC/DC adapter CX781. Just in case the original adapter gets broken. (Mine got broken several times ..)